One Nation,One Student ID

 One Nation,One Student ID

“One Nation,One Student ID": #Modi Sarkar Introduces APAAR Unique Identification For Schoolchildren.

This time Star Player is Education Minister .@dpradhanbjp

APAAR (Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry) will

🔸Enable students to digitally store their academic achievements and credit scores. 

🔸Be linked to the students' Aadhar ID.

🔸Act as Universal Mechanism for recording & retrieving data and documents related to students' progress throughout their academic journey.

🔸An effort under National Education Policy (NEP) to bring flexibility to Education System by allowing students to seamlessly move across institutes & disciplines.

🔸This will be like a life-long CV for the students.

🔸No longer need to carry hard copies of Academic Documents. 🔸APAAR record will provide Authenticity when students apply for education or a job.

🔸No longer hassle of getting a transfer certificate & other documents when students have to change schools due to transfers in Parents' Jobs.

🔥And Most Importantly.....will hurt ILLEGAL MIGRANTS who use Fake School Certificates to obtain AADHAR Card, Passport etc.

So many birds hit with one stone!