It is good to close 3 Thousand Schools .....! New idea for the School Education sector ....?!

 It is good to close 3 Thousand Schools .....! New idea for the School Education sector ....?!

Speaking at a consultative meeting with the teachers 'unions held at the Nungambakkam Directorate of School Education premises in Chennai, school education officials said,' There is not even a single student in the 22 schools under the Department of Primary Education. Students are enrolled in single digits in 669 schools. More than 2,000 schools have less than 20 students.

That means 1 student each in 11 schools, 2 students each in 24 schools, 3 students each in 41 schools, 4 students each in 50 schools, 5 students each in 77 schools, 6 students each in 114 schools, 7 students each in 95 schools, 8 students each in 104 schools, 153 schools with 9 students each and 22 schools without a single student. There is

This is an account taken during the 2021-2022 academic year. It is doubtful whether there will be so many students not only in these schools but also in the existing schools at the start of this 2022 - 2023 academic year.  

The reason is that these schools do not have a suitable environment for students to study and there is a shortage of teachers. 

And that is the situation where the teachers do not come to the school regularly. That too if people belonging to that town are appointed as teachers, it is not possible to question them. Therefore, even though there are many school-age children in that village, no one comes forward to enroll them in the government school.

Hence, the number of students in these schools is expected to drop drastically in the coming days. So closing these more than 3 thousand schools is good for the government and the people. If we say why, the question has arisen how to run a school without students as the calculation of who to serve tea in a shop where there is no one.

With this in mind, the federal and state governments had decided to close all these schools three years ago. Then a few people shouted how can I close my Kamaraj Open School, the school started by my Karunanidhi. By then Corona had come so that plan was put on hold. But the need has arisen now.

The government faces a lot of problems and financial loss in running these schools. It takes millions a year to run a school, even if the professor is an educator. If the number of students is taken into account, there is a situation where a student has to spend more than Rs.

 If we ask if they are getting quality education despite spending so much money, if we ask if the appointed teachers come and work regularly, we cannot find a proper answer and a proper solution.

So there is a simple way to solve these problems. Closing all these schools and handing over these students to private schools would be a better way to provide quality education.

Today, telecommunications and transportation have grown tremendously. All the villages have good quality roads to the extent that it is said that there are no roads in India. All routes are easily accessible. Where government buses do not go, private school buses are going freely.

So instead of spending millions to run a school that keeps single digit students without any benefit to anyone who has worked hard and lost, quality education quality private schools are ready to give you 10,000, 20,000 per student at a low cost of educational wealth that you will not get without spending millions.

Therefore, it is necessary for the Tamil Nadu government to take a clear decision without further delay.

 Just like how the government pays for the admission of poor students to private schools under the Free Compulsory Education Act and closes all schools with less than 20 students and keeps those students in private schools, the government will not only save billions of rupees but also provide quality education to those students. Will the Tamil Nadu government think ...?!