Vellore Meeting Agenda

 Vellore Meeting Agenda

Today points were discussed in TNNPMH CBSE Association meeting:

1. Recognition order for 3 years.Press meet, poster Before Wednesday solution.

2. ESI problem - Individual school stay or pay it from this month.

3. School Property Tax - In progress in Court. Adding school name in the list for exemption.

4. RTE - 75% returned. 25% balance will be returned 

5. Demand - Rs.28500/- per student or government spend for single student that should be school fee for private schools.

6. Permanent recognition for schools started before 2011.

7. Nursery and primary school - Permanent recognition and upgrade till 8th middle school.

8. Apart from school fee, we can collect fee for books, notebooks, uniforms, extra curricular activities.

9. Similar school fee as like colleges to be fixed. Posters, take it to appropriate departments.

10. DTCP issue - To be fixed.

11. D Form Licence - Format to be changed. It should be in school name but D-License now is issued in single name and date continuity is not there.

12. Requesting all existing schools pay the annual association fee and let’s all join other neighbours schools who are not in association to our association.